The Little Angels Project React to growing Southern California Wild Fire

A cat is treated for burns and smoke inhalation from the Woolsey Fire. Volunteer veterinarians with Veterinary Angels and The Little Angels Project, created a tent at Pierce College in Woodland Hills, Calif., to treat animals injured or displaced by the fires.

The Little Angels Project, located in Agoura Hills, CA evacuated from the raging fire that was quickly destroying southern California homes. Our facility is home to about 100 animals that we had to pack up and go before the fire got to close. We are very thankful that our building is still standing after no many lost their homes and businesses.

While the fire rages on, we could not just sit around and do nothing. So the Little angels project set up a pop-up tent at pierce collage and vetted and treated the animals for free. Once the danger had passed, we continued to support the community by providing over $80,000 to families and business trying to rebuild after the fire.

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